Conference Topics

  1. Sustainability Science
    • 1.1. Environmental and Applied Science
    • 1.2. Agricultural and Food Science
    • 1.3. Materials Science and Materials Technology
    • 1.4. Climate Change
  2. Innovative Technology and Sustainability Engineering
    • 2.1. Digital Economy
    • 2.2. Green Manufacturing and Engineering
    • 2.3. Renewable and Alternative Energy
    • 2.4. Zero Waste to Landfill and Recycle Technology
    • 2.5. Green Building and Architecture
  3. Textiles and Clothing Sustainability
    • 3.1. Textile Chemistry and Finishing
    • 3.2. Textile Technology and Innovation
    • 3.3. Eco Textile
  4. Innovation/technology, financial markets, and economic growth

The session welcomes papers on topics which are however not limited to the following : (a) technology and stock market performance; (b) technology and economic growth; (c) technology spillover from stock market to economic growth; (d) trading strategies and portfolio management that make use of technology; (d) technology and macroeconomic performance; (e) profitability of technology-investing/innovative firms; (f) technology and credit risk modelling; (g) technology forecasting; (h) technology and the predictability of financial markets; (i) technology and the predictability of economic growth; (j) technology and capital structures; (k) technology and corporate financial decisions; (l) threshold effects of technology on economic growth; (m) speed at which technology facilities economic growth and development; and (n) technology, innovation, and competition.

Draft papers or extended abstracts of 500 words should be submitted to and by 1 April 2016. All submissions will be reviewed and a final decision will be conveyed to corresponding authors by 15 April 2016

Selected papers meeting the standards of publication in Economic Modelling will be considered for publication in the journal by Professor Paresh Narayan (Editor, Economic Modelling).