Conference Topics

1. Sustainability Science

  • Environmental and Applied Science
  • Agricultural and Food Science
  • Materials Science and Materials Technology
  • Climate Change

2. Innovative Technology and Sustainability Engineering

  • Smart and New Technologies for Electrical Engineering
  • Electronics, Computer and Communication Engineering
  • Renewable Energy for sustainable society
  • Alternative Energy and Thermal Engineering
  • Energy Management Technology and Green Building
  • Green Manufacturing, Zero Waste to Landfill and Recycle Technology

3. Textiles and Design Sustainability

  • Textile Chemistry and Finishing
  • Textile Technology and Innovation
  • Eco Textile
  • Design

4. Economic Modelling

  • Innovation and economic growth
  • Innovation and financial markets/system
  • Infrastructure and economic growth and financial system
  • Energy and economic growth and financial system
  • Financial market volatility
  • Commodity markets
  • Islamic finance
  • Stability of the banking system

5. Special Forum

  • Global SME
  • Aviation & Railway System